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1. Decide What You're Looking To Get Out Of Your Remodel

What drives you to consider a remodel project can be one of many reasons. The purpose of your remodel should be the determining factor for the overall plan. What's the reason for your remodel?

  • Remodel-If your home no longer gives you the excitement it once did, then it's time for an update.
  • Resale-You want to get the most when selling your home.
  • Repair-Your home has issues that need to be repaired that have been ignored throughout the years.
  • Basement Finish-If your family is growing or your looking for that additional square footage to entertain without the hassle of moving, then finishing your basement is a great option.

2. Get Inspired

If you're feeling uninspired, you can always get ideas online of other projects! Create a look that's unique to you by combining ideas from an array of sources. Here are a few great ideas to get your search started:

  • Pinterest-Hop on the bandwagon and find everything from recipes to home design ideas. You will soon see what the craze is all about. You will find decorating ideas and ways to utilize spaces not traditionally done in the past.
  • Houzz- This is a great site to dive in to and find information on everything from remodeling your home to decorating your kitchen. This site allows you to create idea books to help us create the perfect look for your new dream renovation.
  • Google-Become inspired with a limitless amount of information that is available daily.

3. Outline Your Needs

Go through your home and start a list with the acronym W.I.N. (What's Important Now). Start with the most important renovation need you have then the second and so on. Write down everything you want to change in each room and what you're looking to get out of the change. This will allow you to have a list of what the most important renovations are. This helps when prioritizing your budget. Things to consider:

  • The big picture-Do walls need to be removed or does the current layout work? Does a structural engineer or architect need to be involved?
  • The details-What are the finishing touches you want to add to make it "yours"?
  • Everything in between-What needs to be done to make it happen?

4. Ask Yourself

  • Is it a simple change I can complete or do I need to hire a professional?
  • Are there engineers or architects involved?
  • Will there be multiple trades involved?

5. Create A Budget

Things to consider when determining your budget:

  • Be honest about how much you can afford to spend or borrow.
  • You will have construction material costs, delivery costs and labor costs.
  • Add a buffer for unexpected parts of the projects that may arise or something you may want to add during the construction process.
  • Accommodation expenses if needed during certain phases of construction.
  • Content manipulation and storage are things to consider as well.

6. Talk To Your Contractor

Selecting the right contractor will give you peace of mind and make it a much more enjoyable experience. Ask your contractor about previous projects they've completed similar to yours. Don't be afraid to ask the following:

  • Can I get references?
  • Are you licensed and insured?
  • Will I get a clear Scope of Work of what's included?
  • Will you put the proposal in writing?
  • Will I be updated throughout the process?

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